What the React team is working on now

June 22, 2022 By Mark Otto 0

💡 Don’t miss the Quick Releases section further down this issue as there have been a ton of interesting new releases this week and we’ve had to pack them in! 🙂

React Labs: What The React Team is Working On — With the React 18 launch in the rear view mirror, the React Core Team has turned their attention to what’s next and this post gives some detailed hints of what’s to come. As they note, however, it’s not a road map and some of what’s discussed many not even see the light of day as-is.

The Entire React.js Team

Quick bits:

🛠 Code and Tools

Verbum: A Flexible Text Editor Built on Lexical — The still-in-early-development Lexical framework provides many of the building blocks required to create “unique text editing experiences”. This library wraps it and makes it ready for incorporation into React apps.

Ozan Yurtsever


Reactime 14.0 – Chrome devtool for time travel debugging.
React Native Owl 1.0 – Visual regression testing for React Native.
Recoil 0.7.4 – The experimental state management library.
React CountUp 6.3 – Makes numbers go brrr.
React Toastify 9.0.5 – Notifications made easier.
MDX 2.1.2 – Markdown for the component era.
html-react-parser 2.0 – HTML to React parser.
sentry-react-native 4.0 – Official Sentry SDK for React Native.
React Joyride 2.5 – Create guided tours in your apps.

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