What hides in your node_modules?

March 10, 2022 By Mark Otto 0

Node v17.7.0 (Current) Released — Updates to nghttp2 and npm (8.5.2), some new options for net.Socket and net.Server, and Ben Noordhuis (one of the most prolific Node contributors who stepped back as a core committer for reasons in 2013) is officially fully back as a Node.js collaborator (though he has continued to contribute code all along).

Stewart X Addison

Introducing the Elastic CI Stack for EC2 Mac — This new open source stack is created specifically for mobile teams, helping you migrate to AWS-managed servers for increased reliability, security, and speed. 📱


A Case Study on Moving from Next.js to RemixRemix is the newest full stack Web framework on the block, and the first case studies are beginning to come in. In this case, the author covers the rewrite of his personal site (where this article is hosted).

Adam Collier

Making a Discord Playlist Bot with Serverless CloudServerless Cloud is a serverless platform from Serverless Inc., the folks behind Serverless Framework. (Have we said ‘serverless’ enough yet?) This post ties together Node.js with some specific Serverless Cloud features to easily create a Discord chat bot that can add songs to a shared Spotify playlist.

Ben Miner

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Diving into Node’s Streams — Streams provide a defined interface and abstraction over the idea of working with streaming data in Node – they seem to suffer from often being misunderstood, though, so tutorials always tend to be popular.

Juan José Arboleda

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