The seven figure JavaScript app

February 11, 2022 By Mark Otto Off

🥊  Move Over JavaScript? How Some Backend Languages are Coming to the Front-End — You might think this is about using WebAssembly to run Python in the browser or something, but no. It’s about the growing popularity of maintaining a WebSocket connection to a backend process and rendering HTML on the fly from the backend, as seen in modern Elixir and Rails stacks. Food for thought!




Vite 2.8.0 – Next gen frontend tooling.
RedwoodJS 0.45.0 – Edge deployable full-stack JS framework.
MikroORM 5 – Data mapper ORM for Node.
AdminJS 5.6 – Admin panel built in Node.js.
npm 8.5.0
Ember.js 4.2.0

📒 Articles & Tutorials

Debugging JavaScript — It’s not deep, but this is an enjoyable and casual walk through the JavaScript debugging landscape.

Flavio Copes

How the Angular Compiler Works — The Angular compiler (known as ngc) is the tool used to compile Angular apps and libraries. This post digs into what it does and how it does it.

Alex Rickabaugh

▶  Writing a SPI SD-Card Driver in TypeScript — From a live Low Level JavaScript stream comes an interesting (and very long) session that goes deep into the weeds of working at a low level to read data from SD cards.

Low Level JavaScript

An Introduction to Deno: Is It Better than Node? — We’ve mentioned Deno, which comes from Ryan Dahl, much as Node.js originally did, numerous times, but if you haven’t checked it out yet this post covers the key features, as well as where Deno is ahead or behind.

Ayooluwa Isaiah

🛠 Code & Tools

zx 5.0: Writing Better Shell Scripts in JavaScript — Google isn’t slacking, with the fourth major version of zx in a year. Rather than using something like bash to throw together a quick script, zx provides niceties to do the same with JavaScript. v5.0 adds built-in YAML support.


Fable 3.7: A Mature F# to JavaScript CompilerF# is a ‘functional first’ language from the MS/.NET stable and I’m always struck by just how nicely it reads. If you fancy giving it a go for building things for the frontend, check out this online REPL which has some samples to tinker with, including a wee Mario (above).

Alfonso García-Caro and contributors