The official npm site gets a code explorer

December 8, 2022 By Mark Otto 0

Node.js Weekly

? I think the code explorer will be pretty handy, if only to take a quick look inside weirdly named junk packages to see what’s going on! ?

Is Prisma Better Than Your ‘Traditional’ ORM?Prisma has become a very popular Node project in recent years and boasts being a ‘next generation’ ORM. The creator of the Practica Node starter app considers here if Prisma makes sense as a universal ‘go to’ ORM to use for most projects.. in short, no, but it’s a solid choice depending on the use case.

Yoni Goldberg

✍️ It must be the week to think about Prisma, because Jack Pordi has also written up his notes on using Prisma in production. He takes a balanced view seeing it as a solution with both pros and cons.

40+ Node.js Integration Test Best Practices — Component/integration tests are an increasingly popular testing technique for backends. This repository digs into a variety of quick-fire patterns and practices for creating good component tests. There’s also a demo app and examples using Jest, Mocha, Express, Fastify and Nest.js.

Yoni Goldberg, Michael Solomon, and Daniel Gluskin

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