Taking flight with Feathers 5

March 9, 2023 By Mark Otto 0

Node.js Weekly

Feathers 5: The API and Real-Time App FrameworkFeathers isn’t as well known as Nest or Fastify, say, but it’s a powerful and mature option if you want to spin up a Node CRUD app tied to a database and now it’s “TypeScript all the way down” too (though you can choose to use plain JS, if you prefer). Feather’s creator tells the whole story in this screencast or, if you prefer, you can leap into the quick start guide to see what it’s all about.

David Luecke

The 12 Most Popular Node.js Frameworks in 2023 — The data comes from surveys, GitHub stars, plus some gut feelings, but it’s a well put together summarized list of frameworks right now, from family favorites like Express and Fastify to less expected options like Strapi and Keystone.

Alex Ivanovs

Deno Says: You Don’t Need a Build Step — Of course the Deno folks have an alternative JS runtime to promote, but they make good points. A build step has helped with getting things to run in the browser or to transpile and bundle code elsewhere. But with modern tooling, do we still need a build step?

Andy Jiang (Deno)

Crawling Weather Forecasts with Cypress — Even if you don’t care for the weather, this is a neat code-led demonstration of using the Cypress browser oriented testing tool for performing a variety of productive activities.

Gleb Bahmutov PhD

A Complete Guide to Pino Logging in NodePino is a low overhead JSON-driven Node.js structured logging library. Usually the term “complete guide” gets me going “oh, really?” but in this case they deliver.

Better Stack Team

???? Code & Tools

Introducing nsuv: A C++ Wrapper Around libuv — An interesting look at a new project from NodeSource that lets you work with libuv in a safer way from C++. libuv is the library that provides Node with event-driven I/O and timers and this could be useful if interacting with Node at a low level.

Trevor Norris (NodeSource)

rimraf 4.4: It’s rm -rf for Node.js — Isaac may have invented npm which filled up your hard drive with Node modules, but he also has the solution for deleting directories as quickly as possible from Node.

Isaac Z. Schlueter

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JetBrains’ Hadi Hariri knows the score. Maybe Twitter could give Feathers a go?