Seven weird ways to call a JavaScript function

September 16, 2022 By Mark Otto Off

MemLab: A Framework for Finding JavaScript Memory Leaks — Facebook (sorry, Meta) has been using MemLab to make significant improvements to the memory use of its main SPA. Now they’ve open sourced the tool (which is itself written in TypeScript) with the hope everyone else can achieve similar improvements.

Liang Gong and Glenn Conner (Meta)

? Nolan Lawson’s Fuite is another, smaller, tool worth considering in this space.

JavaScript APIs You Don’t Know About — It’s a bold headline because plenty of you will have at least heard of these APIs, but it’s a good roundup nonetheless to catch up on what the Web platform offers. APIs covered include the Page Visibility, Web Sharing, and Broadcast Channel APIs.

Smashing Magazine

Best Practices for Creating a Modern npm Package — A step-by-step “as of 2022” walkthrough of creating your own npm package using current best practices. It’s very thorough and certainly worth revisiting, even if you’ve built a package already. As always, though, there’s more than one way to do it, and other tools like np can be brought into the mix as needed.

Brian Clark (Snyk)


  • Safari 16.0 is out and jam packed with new features and support for Web features (passkeys, Web Inspector Extensions, container queries, Shared Workers and more) you might need to brush up on.

  • Node.js is getting some security releases on September 22 across all supported lines due to multiple issues (some of ‘high’ severity).

  • Talking of Node, ? Nodeconf EU 2022 is taking place on October 3-5 in Ireland and they’ve offered a discount code of NodeWeekly2022 for readers. (Note: We have no financial connection with them.)

? Articles & Tutorials

The Seventh Way to Call a Function Without Parentheses — If you’re surprised that there were even six ways, this is for you. These are almost entirely ‘tricks’ but ones that can be important when it comes to security or sanitizing user supplied code.

Gareth Heyes

The Secret of Successfully Using Multi Window WebGL Canvas — This is technical and most of us won’t need to dig so deep, but it’s a neat exploration of using an offscreen canvas to render using separate worker contexts – these can then be used in other tabs or browser windows.

Tobias Uhlig

? Code & Tools

SafeQL: An ESLint Plugin for Your SQL Queries — Clever idea. It hooks into your database and then guides you as to mistakes you might make when writing SQL queries in your JavaScript code. Postgres only for now, but supports any client.. whether Prisma, pg, Sequelize, or whatever.



Senior UI Dev — Join us and innovate with MicroFrontends, custom Node tools, build systems (Webpack/Github Actions), TypeScript, React, and more with a11y and DX in mind.
Vertex Inc

Find JavaScript Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It’s free for job-seekers.


? Infernal Throne is a small Metroidvania-style game written for the js13kGames JavaScript coding competition. Source available here.

A key part of delivering Infernal Throne within a mere 13 kilobytes is the use of Roadroller, a tool we linked to a year ago, which is specifically designed to crush JavaScript code down as small as possible (so much so that it’s almost entirely unreadable).