Rome wasn’t rewritten in a day

November 11, 2022 By Mark Otto Off

Rome v10: Rust-Powered JS Linting and Formatting — A project founded by the original creator of Babel naturally provokes interest. Rome’s ambitious mission is to unify all the frontend dev tools you’d need into one, and formatting and linting is where they’ve started with this curiously numbered release. Shouldn’t it should be Rome X? 😁

The Rome Team

Editorial note: “Oh no, another tool!” I hear you cry. Despite its youth, Rome already has some compelling points in its favor, including rich diagnostics that not only drill into what is wrong with your code, but why it’s wrong. It will be fantastic to see this sort of tooling advance further.

A Complete TypeScript Learning Path — Many teams are introducing types to their Web and Node.js apps with TypeScript. Over four courses going from the fundamentals through to production, let Mike North bring you up to speed with TypeScript’s power and capabilities for writing more robust code.

Frontend Masters

Why Would Anyone Need Generator Functions? — You can go a long time without feeling the need for generators. So, you may wonder, what are they good for? While they may not be essential, they do have utility and can change how you approach certain problems. James cracks out the chocolate biscuits to explain.

James Sinclair

Gatsby 5.0: The Fastest Gatsby Yet — The performance oriented React-based framework (that isn’t Next.js) takes a leap forward with the Slice API for speeding up common updates across a site, partial hydration (beta), a new Script component for loading scripts, incremental builds and deploys, and more. This release follows Gatsby’s fresh pitch as a ‘reactive site generator’.

Josh Johnson (Gatsby Team)


  • Get ready to spruce up your READMEs with GitHub Blocks: dynamic components you’ll be able to add to your README to include demos, live stats, search features, comparison tables, etc.

  • Overwhelmed by the constant influx of new frameworks? It’s a good thing, concluded a panel of framework creators at Jamstack Conf this week.

  • The results from Vercel’s Jamstack Community Survey 2022 are out. Serverless, React, and Next.js all saw huge popularity. (Via JAMstacked)

  • A look at the state of IPFS in relation to JavaScript. (IPFS is a large distributed peer-to-peer storage system and protocol.)

📒 Articles & Tutorials

Node.js Security Best Practices — A new official document from the Node.js team providing guidelines on securing your Node apps by looking at what the main threats are and how to mitigate them.

Node.js Project

Migrating from Monaco Editor to CodeMirror — The folks at Sourcegraph share what they gained in switching their in-browser code editor to what could arguably be considered a less modern option.

Kling and Dorfman

🛠 Code & Tools

Rockpack 3.0: An Alternative React App Builder — Like Create React App Rockpack’s goal is to keep project setup time low, but it holds some different opinions around how far to go and packs in many ideas like server side rendering and, now, linting.

Alex Sergey

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