RIP Node 15, we hardly knew ye..

June 3, 2021 By Mark Otto 0

Electron 13.0 Released — Maybe 13 is unlucky for some, but lucky for you if you have cross-platform desktop apps to build with Node! Version 13 gets you onto Chromium 91 (reading files from the clipboard seems to be a new possibility..), Node 14.16, and V8 9.1.

Electron.js Team

Writing Custom REPLs in Node — If you just run a plain node at the terminal, you get Node’s REPL environment.. but what if you want to create a REPL within a context of your own creation? Some basic guidance here.

Nate Anderson


On the Diverse And Fantastical Shapes of Testing — Does your testing follow a pyramid, a honeycomb, or a trophy? How many unit tests vs integration vs other? Is mocking and stubbing OK? The testing world is certainly full of opinions and shapes.

Martin Fowler

🛠 Code and Tools

NocoDB: An Open Source Airtable-a-Like — Airtable is a popular, though commercial, spreadsheet-database hybrid offered as a service. We use it here at Cooperpress to help put the newsletters together! This is a flexible and surprisingly good looking open source pastiche.

nocodb team

Execa 5.1: A Better child_process — A way to run external processes from your Node app. Has a Promise-based interface, better support for Windows, allows up to a 100MB max buffer (vs the 200KB child_process uses). v5.1 adds an escapedCommand property to the results.

Sindre Sorhus


⏰ From the queue..

We often end up with a backlog of timeless items that didn’t make it into an issue but that deserve to get featured at some point.