Rethinking modern React best practices

March 29, 2023 By Mark Otto 0

React Labs: What We’ve Been Working On — The latest look behind the scenes at what’s going on in the React project. React Server Components unsurprisingly make an appearance, but the most striking update is on the progress behind React Forget — an optimizing compiler with the goal being able to build better, fully reactive systems using JavaScript and the React mental models you already know, with the compiler tackling some of the trickier parts.

The React Core Team

Rethinking React Best Practices — The author asserts React has evolved from a simple library to an all-encompassing architecture. As such, best practices have to evolve too.

Rem (Frontend Mastery)

Build Developer-First Automations with Retool Workflows — Retool Workflows gives developers a yes-code way to build powerful automations. Transform one-off scripts into automated tasks or reusable APIs that power custom integrations across your entire data stack––no extra infrastructure required.


▶  Smarter and Simpler React State — React screencaster extraordinaire Jack is back comparing some React state management solutions, including sticking with hooks or using Zustand, Valtio or Jotai.

Jack Herrington

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Refine: A React-Based Headless Framework — Build a React-based CRUD app easily connecting together various auth systems, realtime providers, data providers, etc. The UI is then all up to you using whichever UI framework you wish. GitHub repo.

Refine Dev Corporation

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