React’s turning into Angular, PHP, and what else now?

June 7, 2023 By Mark Otto 0

Dan Abramov’s Deep Dive into React Server Components — Having faced a raft of questions about Server Components, Dan has sat down to write a series covering everything from the ground up by reimplementing a basic form of RSC from scratch. It’s not aimed at day-to-day React developers, but those who want to grok the ideas behind RSCs.

Dan Abramov

Is React Having an ‘Angular.js Moment’? — You can often answer questions like this with a straightforward ‘no’ but the author puts forward a good argument comparing the discontinuity from AngularJS to Angular 2 in 2014 with current shifts in the React ecosystem. It feels like the issue here is more with the messaging, though.

François Zaninotto

The React Ecosystem in 2023 — A slightly haphazard wander through a variety of the React ecosystem’s tools and libraries that are currently popular, mixing together dependable old faces plus some newcomers.

Vishwas Gopinath

NakedJSX: Use JSX without React? — If you like JSX and would like to use it to help in the production of static HTML without using React itself, this command line tool is for you. It even extracted scoped CSS classes and deduplicates them.

David Hogan

▶  Did Server Components Really Turn React Into PHP? — React YouTuber extraordinaire Jack is one of those rare communicators who uses titles that seem like bait but whose videos are genuinely educational, insightful, and deliver the goods. If you’re weighing up your options, this is a neat comparison of developer experiences.

Jack Herrington

🛠 Code and Tools

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