React’s past and React’s future

February 15, 2023 By Mark Otto 0

▶  React.js: The Documentary — With acclaim from the core team and starring folks like Sophie Alpert, Pete Hunt, and Dan Abramov, this is the origin story of React, right back to when it was a “fragile, strange, fascinating idea that almost didn’t happen.” You won’t learn a lot of technical stuff here – it’s all about people and ideas – but it will flesh out your sense of what React is and how it survived.


▶️ Honeypot has a good record for making developer documentaries, their ones on Vue.js and GraphQL are also good (and a lot shorter).

React PR: “Pass Functions, by Reference, to the Client and Back” — An interesting pull request on the React repo from Sebastian Markbåge that provides a RPC-like way to pass functions, by reference to the client and back and have clients ‘call’ those server references. You’ll need to wait for an RFC to go into detail on what all of this entails. Dan Abramov notes: “There’ll be an RFC once a few more pieces are fleshed out.”


A Summary of Libraries Commonly Used with React — We routinely track the progress of thousands of React-oriented libraries, but here’s one front-end developer’s opinionated attempt to whittle down all those alternatives to something more manageable.

Prabashwara Seneviratne

Adopting React in the Early Days — A short, personal history lesson which provides some helpful context for React’s evolution over the years and where things stand today. While React might be an obvious, even safe, choice now, it wasn’t always that way!

Sébastien Lorber

🛠 Code and Tools

Qwik React: Use React Components in Qwik — Use React components in Qwik, including the whole ecosystem of component libraries, such as Material UI, Threejs and React Spring. No hydration and auto lazy-loading. Team

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🕰 A Blast from the Past

ANSI Animation with React — There’s a subculture dedicated to re-implementing gaming artefacts which are the antithesis of the photo-realism of today’s video games. If low-res is your thing, you’ll love this and there’s a GitHub repo if you’re inspired to render your own.

Chung Leong