React 18.1 released

April 27, 2022 By Mark Otto 0

Remotion 3.0: ‘Write’ Videos in ReactRemotion provides a way for you to use your React knowledge to create videos by writing what you want to happen in code with Remotion then handling the rendering and encoding. ▶️ This video showing off the new Remotion Lambda serverless video renderer (using AWS Lambda, unsurprisingly) was itself created with the tool. React 18 is now supported as of v3.

Jonny Burger (Remotion)

React 18.1 Released — Don’t get too excited – it’s almost entirely a bug fix release, but if you’re already on React 18, you’ll want to get upgraded nonetheless.


How to Build an Accessible React Data Grid — How do you make a React table (data grid) component accessible? Read this blog post for a comprehensive tutorial by one of our most experienced software engineers and accessibility experts.

Progress KendoReact

React Batching — An easy-to-follow and well-illustrated tutorial on how to batch up multiple state updates as one and improve rendering performance as a result.

Robin Wieruch

🛠 Code and Tools

⚡️ Quick Bits:

React Table Library — Build better, feature-rich tables with flexible theming and server-side operations.

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