‘Moving more and more into a post-React world.’

November 12, 2021 By Mark Otto Off

‘Rust is the Future of JavaScript Infrastructure’ — It’s an opinion but the growing evidence is compelling. Rust (as well as Go) is now being heavily used to replace parts of the JavaScript tooling ecosystem that might have otherwise been written in JavaScript before (e.g. Rome, SWC, dprint).

Lee Robinson

Airbnb’s Extensive JavaScript Style Guide — It’s been a few years since we mentioned this hugely popular, opinionated style guide, but it continues to get frequent updates/fixes and the first major update (v19) in two years has just been tagged.


Now that Svelte has full-time engineering resources, it’s exciting to see accumulating evidence that things are moving more and more into a post-React world.

Zach Leatherman, creator of Eleventy. (Tweet for context.)


RxDB 10.4 – Realtime database for JS apps.
Cypress 9.0 – Test framework for anything browser-based.
Deno 1.16 – It’s definitely not Node.
Intro.js 4.3 – User onboarding UI library.
htmlparser2 v7.2 – Forgiving HTML and XML parser.
React Router v6
Angular DevTools 1.0.4

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The Invisible JavaScript ‘Backdoor’ — It’s one thing if you can read some code to discover sneaky backdoors, but what if the code looks totally fine, yet really it’s not? Invisible Unicode characters make it possible as we see (or not) here. One mitigation against this is to have your editor highlight such troublesome characters such as with the Gremlins extension for VS Code or Sublime Text.

Wolfgang Ettlinger

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