LEGO’s take on an accessible select component

September 28, 2022 By Mark Otto 0

🔥  ‘Get in Zoomer, We’re Saving React’ — An opinion piece (often a polite term for ‘rant’) that has proven to be quite divisive on social – some love it, some hate it. If you want to take a risk at potentially being entertained with a sweeping review of React to date, a comparison to desktop metaphors, and why the author feels React’s current trajectory isn’t quite right, dive in – but skip it if you’re not in the mood for a round-the-houses ramble.

Steven Wittens

The Web Almanac 2022 on JavaScriptThe Web Almanac is an annual ‘state of the web’-style report into what technologies are being used online. The JavaScript page shows us JS payloads continue to increase, but “React usage notably remained the same from last year at 8%, which may be a signal that adoption of the library has plateaued due to an increasing amount of choices in the JavaScript ecosystem.”

Jeremy Wagner and the HTTP Archive

Build a Slack Integration in a Few Lines of Code — Users expect that your app can reach them via Slack. Instead of building a whole microservice to talk to Slack, use Courier’s multi-channel notification service. Even better, you get logs on every notification that show you where they’re failing.



  • It’s not dead but the useEvent RFC is ‘shelved’ for now, pending a better approach and the associated hook might well end up with a new name.

  • Enzo is an intriguing, new and experimental JavaScript compiler with type checking and some interesting ideas for React developers.

Find React Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It’s free for job-seekers.

Grasping React Hooks — If you’re using hooks without thinking too much about how they work under the hood, this is for you and fleshes out enough of the mental model to help you resolve problems you might encounter.

Brandon Smith

🛠 Code and Tools

Preview.js: Fast Component Previews in Your IDE — This extension will automatically generate valid props in your components in the preview, has support for CSS-in-JS, and works offline. Available for VS Code and IntelliJ/WebStorm, and supports Solid and Vue components too.

Zenc Labs