Keep calm and carry on (using Node)

September 29, 2022 By Mark Otto 0

Node.js Weekly

“Don’t Worry, Nobody is Replacing Node.js” — A bold assertion. Fernando reflects on the growing interest in alternative runtimes like Deno and Bun, but notes none really replace Node.js wholesale in the near future. And even if they did, most of your Node skills would transfer across anyway.

Fernando Doglio

Take a Tour of JavaScript & React Patterns — Join Lydia Hallie for the video course covering design patterns you can use to improve the code architecture of your web apps. Learn traditional JavaScript design patterns, React patterns, performance, and reading patterns.

Frontend Masters

Writing Composable SQL using JavaScript — There are a lot of approaches to working with SQL databases and the author prefers plain SQL and Slonik (to be fair, he built Slonik, but we agree with him). If you prefer something more abstracted, of course, you can use things like Knex.js.

Gajus Kuizinas


  • AWS App Runner now offers a Node.js v16 managed runtime. App Runner (homepage) is a managed service that takes your code and gets it running on AWS without you having to manage any ops. Think Elastic Beanstalk with less control or Heroku, if you will.

  • NodeSource has released N|Solid v4.8.2, the latest version of its production and observability optimized Node.js distribution.

Type-Level TypeScript: The Basics — A beautiful guide to types, complete with challenges to solve. While 11 ‘chapters’ are promised to take you ‘from intermediate to advanced’, the first three are currently available. They cover the fundamentals of what types of types TypeScript makes available.

Gabriel Vergnaud

🛠 Code & Tools

Online Tool to Translate i18next JSON Filesi18next is a JavaScript internationalization system where your translations are stored in JSON files. This tool will automatically translate said files to other languages. Being automated, your mileage may vary, so you’ll need to verify the output isn’t a load of merde..


  • ws 8.9
    ↳ Fast, well-tested WebSocket client and server library.

  • Strapi 4.4
    ↳ Open source headless CMS.

  • Prisma 4.4
    ↳ Next-gen ORM for Node and TypeScript.

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