How to run third party scripts in a Web Worker

September 24, 2021 By Mark Otto Off

You (Possibly) Don’t Need Moment.jsMoment.js remains a popular date and time manipulation library but this repo shows off (a lot of) alternative approaches, including many native functions that do similar things.

Various Contributors

Introducing Gatsby 4: Now in Beta — Gatsby 4, the latest version of the popular React and GraphQL-based site generation framework, introduces new content rendering methods, new build and deployments architecture, new CMS APIs, and more.

Gatsby Team


Stimulus 3.0 – HTML decoration oriented JS framework.
Meteor 2.4 – Full-stack JS framework.
NeutralinoJS 2.8 – X-platform desktop app framework. Now supports Raspberry Pi with a new 32 bit ARM port.
vuex-persistedstate 4.1 – Persist state in Vue between page reloads.
Passport 0.5.0 – Auth system for Node.js apps.
D3 v7.0.3 – Popular data visualization framework.
Node.js 16.10.0

k6 Developer Advocate (Remote) — We’re looking for someone to engage the OSS community on performance & reliability, and to develop and maintain k6 extensions.
K6 – A Grafana Labs Company

Find JavaScript Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It’s free for job-seekers.

📖 Tutorials, Opinions & Stories

What’s New in React 18? — A general roundup of what’s turning up in the next (not yet released) major version of React.

Yagmur Cetin Tas

▶  A Live Look at Serverless Cloud — Jeremy Daly of Serverless Inc (and GM of Serverless Cloud, specifically) demonstrates the new platform live in person in a 50 minute session. A particularly useful and practical talk especially for JavaScript developers keen to give serverless a try.

FooBar Serverless

▶  From React to SvelteKit — The two hosts of the popular Syntax webdev podcast talk about moving a site from using React to SvelteKit and why it made sense. 55-minutes.

Syntax Podcast podcast

🛠 Code & Tools

Electron 15.0.0 Released — Following on rather quickly from v14, Electron is now on a new eight week release cadence. v15 of the popular cross-platform desktop app framework upgrade to Chromium 94, V8 9.4, and Node.js 16.5.0 – none of which are huge advancements (though WebCodecs support may interest some), but it’s always great to see how up to date Electron is kept.

Sofia Nguy and Keeley Hammond

“The purpose of software engineering is to control complexity, not to create it.”

Pamela Zave