Gatsby 4 released

October 22, 2021 By Mark Otto Off

What’s New in the Now Fully Released Gatsby 4 — Gatsby is a popular React-based open-source framework and v4 introduces new content rendering methods (such as Deferred Static Generation), React 18 future proofing, new build and deployment architecture, new CMS APIs, and more.

Jeff James (Gatsby)

Node v17 (Current) Released — Just six months after its release, Node v16 prepares to become an ‘active LTS’ release to be maintained until 2024, with v17 now taking up the role as the cutting edge release that gets all the new features first. It includes OpenSSL 3.0, V8 9.5, npm 8.1.0, and more.

Bethany Nicolle Griggs and the Node.js Team

No DKIM, No SPF, No WTF. Transactional Emails Sent via Gmail — Transactional email providers lack certain features that leave us with more work than when we started. Save time with our API, routing rules, and template designer. Start sending for free in seconds. Get $5,000 in credits towards your enterprise plan.


Over 100 Algorithms and Data Structures Demonstrated in JS — Examples of many common algorithms (e.g. bit manipulation, Pascal’s triangle, Hamming distance) and data structures (e.g. linked lists, tries, graphs) with explanations. Available in other languages too like Chinese, Korean, French, and Spanish.

Oleksii Trekhleb et al.



Neutralinojs 3.0 – X-platform app dev framework. Lighter than Electron.
React Bootstrap 2.0 – Bootstrap components built with React.
Commander.js 8.3.0 – CLI niceties for Node.js.
noVNC 1.3.0 – JS and HTML-based VNC client for browsers.
React Native Testing Library 8.0
Node-RED 2.1.1 – Low-code JS dev environment.

Find JavaScript Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It’s free for job-seekers.

📖 Tutorials, Opinions & Stories

Understanding Map and Set in JavaScript — Goes over the Map and Set objects, what makes them similar or different to Objects and Arrays, the properties and methods available to them, and examples of some practical uses.

Tania Rascia

How to Cancel an HTTP Request in Node.js — The Abort API allows you to cancel asynchronous tasks such as in-flight HTTP requests and here’s how to use it in the latest Node.js version.

Simon Plenderleith

🛠 Code & Tools

memoize-one 6.0: A Memoization Library with a Simple Approach — A memoization library that takes the curious approach of only remembering the last invocation and arguments, returning the cached value if the next call matches. This saves on complex caching arrangements while speeding up many scenarios.

Alex Reardon

JavaScript Obfuscator: A Way to ‘Scramble’ JS Code — Transforms your code into a functionally equivalent representation that’s harder to understand or modify. Many folks find this sort of fiddling to be of low value given it can be reversed to some extent, but there’s a Web interface if you want to have a go.

Timofey Kachalov, Tiago Serafim, et al.

OpenSilver 1.0: A Modern, Plugin-Free Reimplementation of Silverlight — This is a replacement for Microsoft’s lonnnng deprecated Silverlight technology, but as of this 1.0 release boasts being “powerful enough to run complex line-of-business applications of all sizes.” It’s open-source and runs in current browsers via WebAssembly.


🤓 And one for fun..

(t,i,x,y) => ‘creative code golfing’ — Tixy is a neat little creative coding environment where you’re given a simple 16×16 grid of dots and you can manipulate them via small slices of JavaScript. Math.random() is a fun one to chuck in.

Martin Kleppe