Etsy’s journey to TypeScript

November 19, 2021 By Mark Otto Off

Etsy’s Journey to TypeScript — These sorts of stories always seem to be popular as teams weigh up the best way to progress. Etsy had a lot of JavaScript code but felt some of the problems they were encountering could be solved by TypeScript. This post digs into the approach they took and “what it took to educate an Etsy-sized company in a new programming language”.

Salem Hilal

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Some Notes on Using ‘esbuild’ — Julia Evans’ walk into the world of JavaScript bundling will be of immediate interest to anyone who’s been doing JavaScript since pre-bundling times, and it digs well into how an experienced developer unfamiliar with esbuild interprets what it really does.

Julia Evans

TypeScript 4.5 Released — Just two weeks after the RC comes the final release. What’s new? The formerly promised ES module support for Node is now merely experimental and in nightly releases only, but you also get the Awaited type, tail recursion elimination on conditional types, and naturally much more.

Daniel Rosenwasser (Microsoft)

React 18 Enters Beta Stage — ..but as the official Twitter account explains in a thread: “Most developers don’t need to think about React 18 yet..” while noting they’re keen for people to try it out and leave feedback on the issue tracker. The final release is due in Q1 2022.

React Working Group



Tagify 4.9 – Elegant input component for tags.
Vuetify 2.6 – Material Component Framework for Vue.
execa 6.0 – A better Node process launcher.
Plottable 3.12.0 – Modular chart components on D3.
Teaful 0.8 – Tiny React state library.
Dann.js 2.4 – Neural network library.
Electron.js 16

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Dexie.js 3.2: The IndexedDB Wrapper is Now Reactive — Dexie provides a well thought out wrapper around the IndexedDB API offered by most mainstream browsers and now it integrates even better with reactive UI libraries too. The homepage has had a facelift too and includes framework specific examples.

David Fahlander

Electron 16.0.0 ReleasedElectron, the toolkit for building cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, is now one of those projects with a fast, regular release cadence, so no huge changes here, but you get Chrome 96, Node 16.9.1 and V8 9.6 support, as well as the WebHID API.

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