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Deep-Copying in JavaScript Using structuredClone — Ever had to resort to workarounds and libraries to create a deep copy of a value? structuredClone() to the rescue as a built-in function for deep-copying. Surma shows it off in this post, but note that support is currently patchy but due to take off soon.


▶  A Recap of React Conf 2021 — React Conf took place online for the first time this year and this is a fantastic summary of what took place along with videos of the talks and why you might watch some of them. The main keynote covered the state of concurrency, Suspense, server components, React Native, and more.

Jesslyn Tannady and Rick Hanlon

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Deno 1.17 – Server-side JS/TS runtime.
GSAP 3.9 – JavaScript animation system.
Ember CLI 4.0 – CLI for building Ember apps.
Got 12.0 – HTTP client for Node.js.
NVM for Windows 1.1.9 – Node.js version manager.
bignumber.js 9.0.2 – Arbitrary-precision decimal arithmetic.
React PDF 5.6 – Render PDFs in React apps.

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Wide Gamut 2D Graphics using HTML Canvas — A look at the support for graphics in wider gamut color spaces than sRGB (such as Display P3) inside the canvas element in the newest Safari.

Cameron McCormack (WebKit)

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