An npm package naming pitfall

November 24, 2022 By Mark Otto 0

Node.js Weekly

💡 While we like to support new, promising projects, it’s not as if it hasn’t been done before though. AdonisJS and Sails are good options in this space.

Node.js Architecture Pitfalls to AvoidBeware: opinions ahead. It’s a little scattershot but the author, who has worked on numerous production Node.js apps, shares some hard earned wisdom on the use of globals, dependencies, and environment variables.

Nate Anderson

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  • When your npm package’s name looks too much like another package’s name, there can be problems even if you control both names! Luckily, the author got it sorted out by npm’s support in this case. “Never do anything on npm that you are not 100% sure about” is handy advice 😆

  • The company behind the popular monorepo-oriented Nx build tool for JavaScript has raised $8.6m in seed funding. Who said there wasn’t money in developer tools? Making monorepos more mainstream in the JavaScript world is the end goal here.

🛠 Code & Tools

  • NodeBB 2.6
    ↳ Node.js based forum software.

  • Axios 1.2
    ↳ Long standing promise-based HTTP client API.

  • resvg-js 2.2
    ↳ Rust-powered high-performance SVG renderer.

  • lmdb-js 2.7
    ↳ Fast, efficient data store wrapper for the LMDB key/value store.

  • Typegoose 9.13
    ↳ Define Mongoose models using TypeScript classes.

  • on-change 4.0.2
    ↳ Watch an object or array for changes.

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