Airbnb’s uncommon route to faster JS builds

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npm Security Update: What GitHub’s Learnt About April’s Attack — Last month, GitHub, the stewards of the npm registry, reported that stolen OAuth tokens were used to access certain private repositories, private package manifests & metadata, as well as npm user account data. Here’s an update. Notably: “GitHub discovered a number of plaintext user credentials for the npm registry that were captured in internal logs following the integration of npm into GitHub logging systems.” Ouch. Don’t store secrets or credentials in version control (or logs).

Greg Ose (GitHub)

Making TypeScript ‘Stick’ — Test your knowledge through quizzes, challenges, and even a TypeScript gameshow in this new course by Mike North!

Frontend Masters

TypeScript 4.7 Released — The headline feature for the typed JavaScript superset is ES module support for Node.js – a feature that has been infamously difficult to implement, and whose reliance on file extensions continues to provoke debate – plus CommonJS interoperability (from ES modules), improved function inference, control-flow analysis for bracketed element access, and more.

Daniel Rosenwasser

Next.js’s Layouts RFC: Big Changes Ahead for Next.js — If you’re a Next.js user, you’ll want to read this as some significant updates are on the way, particularly around routing, app structure, and layouts (including nested layouts).

Neutkens, Markbage, et al. (Vercel)



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How Airbnb Gets Faster JavaScript Builds with Metro — The story of Airbnb’s migration from Webpack to Metro (a JavaScript bundler aimed at React Native – but Airbnb uses it for Web projects) and how it made their development feedback loop ‘nearly instantaneous’.

Rae Liu

Dark Patterns in UX — Higher-order functions are an important feature that cannot be overlooked in functional programming, allowing for easy nesting of functions to archive a specific task. Learn more about them from this article.

Kendo UI for Angular

The Balance Has Shifted Away From SPAs — “how the context has changed in recent years to give MPAs more of an upper hand against SPAs”. (MPAs are Multi-Page Apps. Or just ‘apps’ to me.)

Nolan Lawson

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