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June 17, 2022 By Mark Otto Off

Vitest: A Vite-Powered ‘Blazing Fast’ Unit Testing Framework — Brings a lot of cool stuff into one place and really is quick – if you want near instant feedback when you change your code, check it out. You get Vite’s transformers, resolvers, and plugins, snapshot testing, native code coverage, component testing, an instant watch mode, and more.



  • ⭐️ Last week, Vue.js’s creator gave ▶️ a ‘State of the Union’-style address on the project (plus Vite) for Vue.js Amsterdam.

  • 👾 OneJS is an intriguing JavaScript-based scripting engine for building UIs in the Unity game engine. There’s some example code of using it to create a UI on top of a game.

  • Someone scraped 1 million top domains to analyze what JS libraries they’re relying upon. There’s a lot of data or just enjoy this summary graphic showing that jQuery leads the way! Ken Wheeler’s Slick also does very well. WordPress seems to have a big influence here.

  • 📆 Sails is a MVC-oriented webapp framework for Node and an online Sails event, Sailsconf, is taking place on YouTube on June 22-24 (next Weds-Fri).

  • The end-of-life date for Node.js 16 has been brought forward to September 2023 to coincide with the EOL of OpenSSL 1.1.1.


Prettier 2.7 – Now supports TypeScript 4.7 syntax.
Lerna 5.1 – JS monorepo management now even faster.
Strapi 4.2 – Node.js headless CMS.
Octokit.js 1.8.0 – GitHub SDK for Node, Deno and browsers.
Inferno 8.0 – Fast React-like UI library.
Boa 0.15 – Experimental JS parser and compiler in Rust.
Ember.js 4.5
Node.js v18.4.0 – Minor cleanups.

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📒 Articles & Tutorials

The Complete Guide to Building a React Form in 2022 — A good form can be a thing of beauty – and beauty’s in the details. Read this blog for everything you need to know about designing & building sleek, user-friendly and accessible Forms.

Progress KendoReact

🛠 Code & Tools

zx v7.0: Better Shell Scripting with JavaScript — If writing JavaScript sounds better than wrestling with bash, Perl or Python, zx is for you. v7.0 is rewritten in TypeScript, has an echo function for printing the output of other scripts, within for creating new async contexts, and a new interactive REPL mode (behind -i).


Fx 24.0: A Command-Line JSON Processing Tool — If you’ve got some JSON you want to slice and dice, Fx is for you. It was recently rewritten in Go from its original JavaScript but you can still write reducers in JavaScript (or Ruby, or Python) with it. A handy tool.

Anton Medvedev

Moon: A New Build System for the JavaScript Ecosystem — Built in Rust for performance, Moon appears to be focused on features for larger projects that may have lots of dependencies, developers, and processes to balance. It’ll be interesting to see this one develop further.

Miles Johnson