A roundup of React component libraries

June 2, 2021 By Mark Otto 0

Top React Component Libraries (2021 Edition) — The folks at Retool just released the 2021 update of their list of top React libraries. But it’s more than just a list, but rather a detailed synopsis seemingly based on first-hand experience.

Kevin White

Svelte for the Experienced React DevSvelte distinguishes itself from other frameworks by gaining efficiency with build time (as opposed to run time) compilation to vanilla JS. This walks through the basics with a React-leaning eye.

Adam Rackis

P.S. Don’t stop using React.. 😄

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📘 Tutorials and Stories

Dynamic vs Static Routing in React — Static routes are defined upfront in a centralized location in your app, whereas dynamic routes are initialized on render and can provide more flexibility. This explains the difference between the two and the situations where each is applied.

Chameera Dulanga

Journey of Improving React App Performance by 10x — The first of three articles focused on performance improvement: the first starts with some ways of figuring out why application performance is suffering and then provides four specific, prescriptive techniques for eliminating the bottlenecks.

Mayank Sharma

🛠 Code and Tools

react-swipeable-views: A ‘Swipeable’ UI Made Easy — Swiping has become a de-facto standard within app navigation on mobile devices, and this library provides the basic tools to implement it. Try the demo on your phone or tablet or even, less naturally, your non-touch device.

Olivier Tassinari

react-easy-crop: Crop Both Images and Video — Switzerland’s largest online marketplace—Ricardo—contributes this richly-featured image and video cropping tool. There are lots of CodeSandbox examples illustrating its various capabilities.